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Founded in the summer of 2014, We Suck Less is the friendliest Fusion Studio user community online. Counting a large pool of active users and thousands of helpful community posts, WSL is the leading source of high quality Fusion content on the web. Andrew Hazelden and Pieter Van Houte are two curators of the project. Andrew is a Nova Scotia, Canada-based VFX Artist and Pipeline TD. He has developed custom Maya and Fusion based tools like Domemaster3D, PlayblastVR, and KartaVR that have served the needs of fulldome, VR, and photogrammetry workflows in the entertainment industry. He specializes in high performance computing and cross-platform pipeline automation.

Pieter Van Houte is a Compositing Supervisor and VFX Artist with a background in traditional animation and film making. He has a soft spot for artistic endeavours and classical animation and collaborated with Richard Williams on the Animator's Survival Kit Animated.. His credits include "The Triplets of Belleville", “Edge of Tomorrow,” “Oz the Great and Powerful”, “Okja” and “Hugo”, which earned the Academy Award for VFX. In 2014 he founded the "We Suck Less" Fusion forum.

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