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Adapt white balance in Photoshop

Learn how to adjust white balance using Photoshop....

  • #208
  • 6m 52s
Remove parts of an image in Photoshop

Discover how to remove distracting or unwanted elements of an image in...

  • #208
  • 2m 2s
Correct perspective in Photoshop

Discover how to fix converging verticals and other issues related to perspective...

  • #208
  • 8m 38s
Stack and stitch a panorama

Discover how to create a wider view using Lightroom....

  • #208
  • 7m 39s
Edit light in Lightroom

Learn to expertly edit the feel of the lighting in Lightroom in...

  • #208
  • 5m 34s
The differences between JPEG and RAW

A detailed look at the key differences between the two most commonly...

  • #206
  • 9m 15s
How to remove dust spots

Learn to remove those annoying specks of sensor dust from your images...

  • #206
  • 8m 7s
Edit mood in Lightroom

Discover how to adjust mood and colour tone in your portraits using...

  • #206
  • 8m 34s
Selectively sharpen portraits

Discover how selectively sharpen portraits for more professional results....

  • #206
  • 9m 58s
Dot Grid Photoshop Actions

Use these Photoshop actions to turn photos into an incredibly cool dot...

  • #201
14 Pink Photoshop filters

Add tastefully pink looks to your photos with this collection. Achieve warm...

  • #201
14 Midnight Photoshop filters

Choose between 14 beautiful tungsten-blue presets inspired by Tom Blachford’s “Nihon Noir”...

  • #202
26 Orange & Teal Photoshop filters

Get the proper orange and teal look. Many presets simply use...

  • #204
27 Rogue presets

These presets are inspired by the movie Blade Runner 2049. These looks...

  • #203
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