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Flatiron is a unique render-to-texture plug-in which is capable of baking full scenes or selections of objects into a single UV Map with only few simple clicks.
It is a fast, simple and yet configurable automatic unwrapping and baking solution that greatly speeds up the process of baking complex scenes. are kindly offering 3D Artist readers a 20% discount off the full version of Flatiron! Just visit or use the discount code "3dartist-flatiron-2015" to access the exclusive promotion. You can also try out the plugin before you buy it with the demo version we're giving you by hitting the download button below! Please note that this plugin is for Windows only and the offer ends on April 30th 2015..


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  • Sub title: 3D Plugin
  • Category: Texture baking
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3d-plugin offers enhancements for 3ds Max and Maya, supporting artists with texture baking, unwrapping, texture packing, world position analysis, motion blur and more. Our products are being used in the production pipelines of games, movies and renderings by industry leading companies worldwide.

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