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HDR Pro Action Set

This issue, Tom Anders Watkins has generously provided every reader with his HDR Pro Action Set.
The HDR PRO Action Set consists of Eight sophisticated HDR Actions, each with a unique photographic twist. These Include HDR Normal, HDR Normal B/W, HDR Retro, HDR Winter, HDR Vintage, HDR Sunkissed, HDR Hard 'n Sharp and HDR Hard 'n Sharp B/W.


This content is available for immediate download to owners of the magazine.

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  • Sub title: Photoshop Actions
  • Type: Photoshop Action
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Tom Anders is a freelance creative from the UK. A unique and versatile professional, Tom produces a number of digital art resources that he now sells through Creative Market.

As well as Actions, Tom also offers a range of Photoshop templates and mockups – perfect for showcasing your photo-editing skills.

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