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5 Retro Lightroom 4 Presets

This free action set consists of 5 actions from Carlos Martinez's product range. They include -

My Polaroid_preset - gives images a subtle, sepia tone
My BnW_preset - creates moody black and white images
My Fuji_preset - a bright and crisp preset inspired by Fuji cameras
My Kodak_preset - makes images soft, hazy and naturally colourful
My Fader_preset - gives the image a very soft, natural vintage colour

This content is available for immediate download to owners of the magazine.

Carlos Martinez is a Digital Art Director based in Madrid, Spain. A unique and versatile professional, Carlos produces a number of digital art resources which he now sells through Creative Market.

As well as actions, Carlos also offers a range of blurry backgrounds and stock images - perfect for practising your photo editing skills.

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