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Scorpion Vectors

"The story behind my Tattoo designs dates from my College time, when I decided to enter in a Tattoo competition. I remember that my work was the first choice of public, but, unfortunately, I didn't win. Since then, a lot of people requested me to design tattoos in the same style One of the requests was to design a Devil and an Angel Scorpion, and this was the result. For the Devil Scorpion I used agressive lines, for the Angel design I decided to use the opposite, smooth lines and curves."

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Nuno Dias is a senior graphic designer with a passion for type design & typography, illustration and everything with little details, based in Braga, Portugal. He has more than 5 years of experience in the industry of Sports Nutrition & Supplements, designing brands and labels. Recently, he has been trying to develop his skills in Type Design. He has a handful of fonts featured in dozens of well known blogs and websites.

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