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Timelapse HDRIs

Hyperfocal Design has kindly offered 3D Artist readers 863 HDRI frames at a resolution of 1,024 x 514. These will give you the perfect opportunity to try out time-lapse lighting animations on low-resolution projects.

Also supplied are six further high-resolution HDRI samples at 9,500 x 4,750 for use in other projects.


This content is available for immediate download to owners of the magazine.

  • Download type: 3D Assets
  • Sub title: HDRI
  • Type: Image
  • Format: .exr
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Hyperfocal Design have been developing technically accurate sky textures and HDRI sky maps for computer graphics professionals since 2002. Hyperfocal offers un-clamped HDRI sky maps, photographed with thick neutral density filters to accurately capture the sun, and give artists a true 1-step, HDRI only lighting workflow, complete with bright highlights and sharp shadows. This is why companies as diverse as Warner Brothers in film, Electronic Arts in gaming, The Gnomon Workshop in 3-d training, and all manner of professionals choose Hyperfocal products when they need the ultimate HDRI sky or environment.

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