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    Video Tutorials

    Creating a Photorealistic Scene with 3ds Max and V-Ray

    Here you'll find hours of quality 3ds Max and V-Ray video tuition from the experts over at Pluralsight...

    20-12-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 172 307

    Integrate CG into live-action footage

    Use After Effects and Element 3D to integrate a fully-CG asset into a live-action shot...

    23-11-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 145 484

    Master Hard Ops for Blender

    Learn how to use Hard Ops to improve your hard-surface creations in Blender...

    23-11-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 192 161

    Realistic real-time rendering with Unreal

    Discover how to render realistic creatures in Unreal Engine for real-time iterations...

    23-11-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 148 117

    Creating a realistic environment in Blender

    Here you'll find over four hours of quality Blender video tuition from the experts at Pluralsight...

    23-11-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 236 215

    Creating a VFX environment in MARI and NUKE

    Create matte paintings and then build an incredible environment with MARI and NUKE in this video series from the experts...

    31-10-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 220 99

    Sculpt realistic horns for creatures – Timelapse

    Check out this great ZBrush sculpting timelapse to help you improve your creature sculpts...

    28-09-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 290 211

    Build your own epic superhero movie titles

    Follow along with Midge Sinnaeve's awesome Blender guide!...

    28-09-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 277 125

    Hard-surface modelling a modular structure for games in 3ds Max

    Here you'll find some top-drawer tuition for games from the experts at Pluralsight. Make sure you download the supporting assets!...

    28-09-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 286 132

    Render your own text motion graphics

    Create your own fancy text motion graphics with this handy video!...

    02-09-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 271 171

    Matchmove a scene for compositing

    Check out this fantastic video tutorial from Sean Kennedy and learn how to comp like a pro in Blender...

    02-09-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 295 189

    Rapidly creating stylised game assets in ZBrush

    Pluralsight have kindly donated a fantastic ZBrush video course this month. Don't forget to download the resources!...

    02-09-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 348 255

    Master metallic shaders with Redshift

    Get to grips with shaders in Redshift for 3ds Max with this cracking video!...

    05-08-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 252 110

    Create an ocean simulation in Houdini FX

    Learn to use the Ocean Waves shelf and create a convincing ocean simulation in Houdini FX...

    05-08-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 273 131

    Physically-based Rendering in Substance Painter

    Pluralsight have kindly provided over two hours of expert Substance Painter video tuition this month!...

    05-08-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 440 276

    Master 3ds Max 2017′s new modelling tools

    In this tutorial, Paul Hatton gives you a brief overview of the new modelling tools in 3ds Max 2017...

    05-07-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 336 271

    Build bronze materials and shaders in Houdini

    In this video tutorial, Jarrod Hasenjager shows you how to create believable bronze materials in Houdini...

    05-07-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 346 1744

    Animating a walk cycle in Blender

    Pluralsight have kindly donated this useful Blender tutorial video for you to enjoy. Learn to animate a walk cycle in...

    05-07-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 431 254

    Build procedural landscapes for UE4

    In this video tutorial, Rainer Duda explores how to create procedural landscapes in Houdini FX before importing into Unreal Engine...

    07-06-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 290 118

    Modelling, lighting and rendering interior visualisations in 3ds Max

    Learn how to develop amazing interior arch-vis scenes in 3ds Max with the help of the experts at Pluralsight!...

    03-02-2016 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 749 283

    Kit Bashing Game Assets to Speed Up Workflows in 3ds Max and Unity

    Pluralsight Creative – formerly Digital-Tutors – has kindly contributed this superb videogame workflow video tutorial series....

    17-12-2015 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 630 531

    Look Development, Lighting and Compositing a Noir Scene in RenderMan RIS

    Here you'll find videos and accompanying files for this superb RenderMan tutorial from the experts at Pluralsight Creative (formerly Digital-Tutors)!...

    24-11-2015 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 794 435

    Sculpt a dragon scroll asset in ZBrush

    Yet another superb video tutorial series from the experts at Digital-Tutors! Click on the download link to gain access to...

    23-10-2015 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 952 82034

    Sculpting sci-fi mech character busts in ZBrush and KeyShot

    Here you'll find over three hours of quality ZBrush video tuition from the experts at Digital-Tutors...

    05-10-2015 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 695 574

    Create realistic clothing in ZBrush

    Learn the secrets for better clothing with the help of the experts at Digital Tutors!...

    06-08-2015 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 881 125832

    Sculpting workflows in Blender

    Learn to use Blender's sculpting tools with this handy tutorial from the experts at Digital Tutors!...

    08-07-2015 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 1226 740

    Techniques for sculpting like the masters in ZBrush

    Join the experts at Digital-Tutors as they delve into some essential sculpting techniques for ZBrush...

    27-05-2015 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 1233 932

    Pose a character sculpt

    Double Negative's Jahirul Amin delivers a masterclass on rigging and posing a character sculpt using Maya and Mudbox. ...

    21-05-2015 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 767 411

    Accelerating the character creation pipeline in Maya

    The guys at Digital Tutors have been kind enough to provide this excellent in-depth video tutorial to improve your Maya...

    28-04-2015 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 797 289

    Texture painting with Maya and Photoshop

    Learn to paint textures with Maya and Photoshop...

    14-04-2015 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 1101 106852

    Creating cartoon characters in Cinema 4D

    Learn how to create amazing cartoon imagery in Cinema 4D with the help of the pros at Digital-Tutors, covering everything...

    01-04-2015 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 934 411

    Poser video tutorial

    Learn to create exteriors in Poser Pro with this great tutorial from Renderosity...

    24-03-2015 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 613 296

    Designing Realistic Creatures in Zbrush

    Get started learning to design realistic creatures in ZBrush with this full 3 hour set of tutorials from Digital-Tutors!...

    09-02-2015 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 1345 893

    Face Animation for Unity

    Learn how to create and animate talking characters for games and apps....

    02-12-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 840 342

    Hard Surface Modelling in Blender

    In this ZClassroom tutorial Tate Mosesian creates a tillable stonewall environment piece, making specific use of ZBrush’s handy Insert Multi...

    20-11-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 885 1078

    3ds Max & After Effects training

    In these three videos from Video Copilot’s Advanced Tutorial Series, adding up to over two hours of tuition, viewers will...

    19-11-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 643 240

    Introduction to ZBrush with Isaac Oster

    Professional game artist and instructor Isaac Oster, who has worked on everything from Batman: Arkham Origins to Halo: The Master...

    12-11-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 1131 477

    Introduction to texture offset

    William Vaughan takes a look at a layer effect type that allows any texture map values to displace those of...

    10-11-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 590 0

    Animation polishing techniques in Maya

    In this set of Maya tutorials you will learn techniques for polishing animations in Maya. The goal of this training...

    07-11-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 729 180

    Multi-tile displacement maps

    In this tutorial we will cover how to use ZBrush's Project All function to project detail from one mesh to...

    06-11-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 411 0

    Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop

    This tutorial offers an introductory look into digital painting, so you can learn essential terms and definitions and build a...

    05-11-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 530 138

    MAXDEPTH training

    In this quick and easy tutorial, online training resource MAXDEPTH reveals two methods for creating a UV coordinate pass using...

    03-11-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 371 0

    An introduction to ZBrush

    In this introductory tutorial to one of the industry's most popular tools, the ZBrush master himself Kurt Papstein discusses the...

    03-11-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 552 0

    SimplyMaya training

    In this two-hour tutorial the awesome SimplyMaya team take a look at creating some very common cloth types for use...

    03-11-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 743 226

    Art of Sculpting: Female Head and Hair

    In this tutorial, Kent Trammell of Blender Cookie gets in touch with the feminine side of sculpting, focusing on the...

    30-10-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 687 112

    An introduction to Headus UV Layout

    In this tutorial you will learn how to use Headus UV Layout to efficiently unwrap and create distortion free UVs....

    30-10-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 477 0

    Rockfish tutorial: Part 2

    Part 2 of this free training from The Foundry: usually worth $35, takes you through the creation of a fish...

    13-10-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 761 224

    Soft Selection Sets

    When creating 3D models, I find that I spend only about 10% of the time generating new geometry and 90%...

    13-10-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 602 0

    10 ways to enhance your Maya productivity

    In this Maya tutorial, online training expert Digital-Tutors explores a number of useful features in Maya that will help you...

    02-10-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 563 130

    Crash Course: Freestyle Rendering in Blender

    From the awesome training site Blender Cookie comes this crash course on non-photorealistic rendering. Using the Freestyle render engine included...

    02-10-2014 | Video Tutorials |

    N/A 754 130

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